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SkyCon :: Introduction

The 1st Skynet Conference on Computers & I.T.,
SkyCon Text
on February 16-18th, 2007,
Skynet Computer Society, University of Limerick, Ireland.

Latest News:
Thank you to Everyone who was Involved in making SkyCon a success.

The SkyCon event has officially concluded. Thank you to all Speakers, Delegates, Sponsors and everyone who contributed to this event. The Media page contains Photos, Audio, Video Clips and Blogs about SkyCon.

About SkyCon: (Press Release)
SkyCon was the first Skynet Conference on Computers, organised and hosted by Skynet (University of Limerick Computer Society), to celebrate its 15th Birthday. Initially founded in 1992, Skynet, has enjoyed 15 years of successful running. Since 1992, the society has grown enormously, both in members, technology and provision of services.

Skycon itself, was a three day event that encompassed many diverse aspects of computers. It catered for people who were interested in areas ranging from open source side of computer development, to commercial software such as Microsoft and Oracle, and debates on software patent issues.

There was a varied line up of guest speakers. Nine founding members of Skynet, including Dave Airlie, Martin Donlan, Caolan McNamara, John Quinn, Andrew Good, Ivan Griffin and Mel Gorman, came back to give talks on what the society was back then, how they set it up, and what they have done since. Many of these founders are now developers for large multinational companies such as IBM, Intel Sun and Sun Microsystems.

The three day event was broken up into debates and lightning talks, each of which were 5 minute topics open to speakers and guests, talking on a subject they were passionate about, getting everybody involved and opening up discussions.
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