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SkyCon :: Media

In case you are aware yet, SkyCon has officially concluded. Thank you to all Speakers, Delegates, Sponsors and everyone who helped make SkyCon a success. This page hope to protray a glimpse of SkyCon and its success.

Photos of the SkyCon Event

A sample of the photos taken during the SkyCon event can be seen below. View the full SkyCon Gallery.

SkyCon Talks and Daytime Activities
SkyCon Talks
Skynet Birthday Banquet Photos
Skynet Birthday Banquet Photos
Evening Events
Evening Events

Other Photos of SkyCon, taken by delegates are also available. If you wish to submit your photos or link to your SkyCon photos, contact us and we will be happy to place a link here.

Audio Tracks of SkyCon Sessions

LugRadio Recording from SkyCon

Sorry, we have found that we accidentally distributed some audio that we had no permission to. We apologise to the respective owners for this mistake. We will restore audio as soon as we have confirmed the audio we have permission to disribute.

Skynet were delighted to have the LugRadio team to cover the SkyCon conference. Season 4, Episode 13 of their broadcast was from SkyCon. Listen here to the LugRadio SkyCon episode.

Video of SkyCon

There was some video recordings of the SkyCon event carried out by our PR officer David Dolphin. David is in the process of editing this video. Once video recordings are edited and completed, they will be made available in the list below.

Blogs about SkyCon

Skynet was delighted with the amount of media and blog coverage relating to SkyCon and its 15th Birthday. Some of the blogged stories about SkyCon are listed below. Thank you very much again to all who helped publicise and make SkyCon a success.
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