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SkyCon :: Programme

There were some sessions which ran in parallel (at the same time), so people needed to choose a particular session before they began.
A copy of this timetable, talks and speakers which was combined in a SkyCon Programme, was available on a printed programme for each registered delegate.
  Friday 16th Saturday 17th Sunday 18th
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Registration: Foundation Building
10:00 Skynet: Founding Members Talk Jono Bacon
How to Herd Cats and Influence People
Caolan McNamara
Contributing to OpenOffice.org
Dave Wilson
The Future of the Internet (and what it means for your code.)
Gavin Moore
The Future of Enterprise Grid Computing
11:00 Colm McCarthaigh
Electronic Voting in Ireland; past and future
Kristen Accardi
Getting work done in the kernel
Ciarain O'Riordan
GPLv3: The Main Updates in the GNU GPL
Mikael Fernstrom
Pure Data - a versatile Open Source Multimedia Programming Environment
Matthew Revell
Powering Multiplayer Games on Open Source: Behind the Scenes at DemonWare
12:00 Val Henson
Gender, Free Software, and the EU: Findings of the FLOSSPOLS report
Alan Cox
"But I don't code..."
Robert Chassell *cancelled*
Software Freedom: Reason and Constraint
Terri Raftery
Blending SW technologies to serve 3 billion mobile subscribers worldwide
14:00 Rachael Holt TJ McIntyre
Sleepwalking towards a Surveillance Society - Data retention and other threats to privacy in Ireland
Bill O'Brien
Microsoft's view of Open source & Open standards
Paschal Nee
Mobile Internet: its future, the challenges and the open source solutions
Val Henson
The Psychology of Kernel Developers
15:00 Mel Gorman
Supersizing the Linux VM
Stuart Langridge
Noel Bergman
Open Source Communities as an Exercise in Enlightened Self-Interest
Matthew Garrett
Linux on Laptops - the secrets to having it actually work
Simon Phipps
The Zen of Free: Why & how Sun is switching to Free Software
16:00 Kevin Lyda
The Internet and the US Elections
Michele Neylon
Mine's big enough!- Filtering 50,000 users mail using open source technology
Paul Kelly
Hosting Automation - How OSS helps Blacknight provide a top quality service with minimal human intervention
Delivering QoS on IP Networks
Paul Jakma
Network Routing: A Free Software Perspective
Martin Krafft
Debian etch: how to scratch that itch
17:00   Lightning Talks  
18:00 GPG Keysigning Kilmurry Lodge Hotel BoF sessions, Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, sponsored by SensorPro Sponsored by SensorPro Light Dinner in UL Arena. Contact us if you would like to attend, places are limited
19:00 UL White House Dinner Celebrations. Contact us if you would like to attend, places are limited Kilmurry Lodge Hotel. Set Meal. Contact us if you would like to attend, places are limited  

Additional Costs for Evening Ceremonies:
  • Friday Night - Skynet Birthday Banquet: €45
  • Saturday Night - Evening Dinner: €20
  • Sunday Night - Evening Dinner: €12
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