Thank You

Skycon 2012 was held last weekend. Since then Ive been rather busy and havent had the opportunity to type up anything.

The idea for Skycon 2012 came as the result of an evening in January 2012 I spent in the engineering computer lab, AM-061, more commonly referred to as the ammo labs. There had recently been a reshuffle of committee positions within the society and I was trying to bring Andrew up to speed on all things Computer Society and the Clubs and Societies system in the University.

One area I started talking about was the budget system, how you get funding and the budget points system. While working through the budget points system I happened to mention the bonus points area (awards) and how the Computer Society has previously received bonus points (mainly from the previous two Skycon conferences).

Andrew liked the concept of awards and gravitated towards the idea of organising a Skycon conference.

The following nine or so months have involved a lot of work from a small group of people in order to bring Skycon 2012 to fruition. Id like to thank both Andrew Ju and Laura Czajkowski for all their effort towards organising the conference. Andrew for having the vision and enthusiasm for Skycon 2012 and leading the organisation of the conference through its earlier stages. Laura for arranging a vast number of the speakers and for the delicious cake. Cake seems to be a constant integral component to running a Skycon.

A huge thank you to all the speakers at the event: Alan Duggan, Andrea Magnorsky, Andy Piper, Eoin McHugh, James Sadlier, Liam Ryan, Marek Jelen, Mark Shuttleworth, Mel Gorman, Michael Barry, Mikael Fernstrom, Olivia Kendall, Randall Munroe, Reiner Dojen, Stuart Langridge, Tim Bunce, Tom Howley, Tony Whitmore, and Wolfram Sang.

We had a large number of volunteers over the two days of the conference who helped ensure everything ran smoothly: Aaron Harrison, Andru Quinn, Cathal Ferris, Cormac Stone, James Heslin, Max Vizard, Roisin McMullin, William Cole-Baker, and William Laffan.

We had fabulous graphic design work done on the timetable and other promotional materials done by Peter Coyne.

Thanks to the Ubuntu LoCo and Mike O'Donohue for providing all the Ubuntu branded gear to attendees during the event.

Id also like to thank the various University bodies that, thanks to their support, made Skycon possible: Annette McElligott and the Computer Science and Information Systems Department for letting us use their facilities for Skycon again, John Nelson and the Electronic & Computer Engineering Department for their financial support, and Paul Lee and the University of Limerick Arts & Sports fund.

Thank you to everyone who attended Skycon 2012, particularly those of you who travelled to get to Limerick. I hope everyone enjoyed the event and had a fantastic weekend in the University of Limerick.

Thank you,
Mark Brennan
14th October 2012


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